Hi, I'm Connie

I am passionate about interaction design, technology, and strategic thinking.

Having worked in a variety of client-facing roles for over five years, I have learned the value of collaboration and the skill of empathizing with clients. Throughout my career, I had various roles- from event planner to designer, to small business entrepreneur. From working in these fields, I’ve learned how to work closely with clients and internal teams to create favorable solutions. I’ve always focused on the client and their needs, which made me interested in transitioning into a research and design role. I enjoy seeing my clients being satisfied with the products I create.

I love having the opportunity to be creative and design beautiful products but also seeing the big picture and problem solving for problems that are not often visible to others. Therefore, I decided to transition into design and technology and to create effective solutions for customers. As a designer, I hope I can create intuitive, empathetic, and positive interactions and experiences.

When I am not working or studying, I constantly find joy in learning new things- trying to master the art of floral design and photography, reading books, traveling the world or seeking alternate ways to be creative.