I am a creative front-end/ full stack web developer

with a focus on application development, data systems, and user experience.

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Front-end developer


I like to design and code things from scratch, and bring innovation, fresh takes and novel concepts to drive exceptional client and user experiences.


HTML, CSS, Javascript

Frameworks/ libraries:

Mongoose, jQuery, AJAX, GraphQL,Spring Boot, Node.js, Express.js, Angular 7/8, React.js/ Redux, React Native

Dev Tools:

Bitbucket, Bootstrap, Github, Terminal

Full Stack Developer


I prioritize strategic approaches to conceive sophisticated products. I write code that is easily understood and maintainable by other team members. Also, I strive to keep up to date with developments in technologies.


JavaScript (ES5, ES6), Python, Java,


MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres

Dev Tools:

AWS EC2, Spring Tool Suite, Postman, MySQL Workbench

UX/UI Designer


I can rapidly research, design and prototype new digital experiences by leveraging human-centered design and following common design patterns. I enjoy creating customer-experience that forge personal, emotional connections with customers/ clients.


UX, UI, Web, Mobile, Apps

Design Tools:

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom), Sketch, Figma, Invison, Marvel

Hi, I'm Connie. Nice to meet you.

I'm naturally curious, delightful and perpetually working on solving one design problem at a time. When I am not focused on the project at hand, you can find me working out or practicing photography.

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I am a California-based developer and designer on a mission to create innovative, functional products that bring simplicity to our hectic lives. Since beginning my journey in tech, I've worked with many startups and agencies, and collaborated with talented people to create mobile and web interfaces for both business and consumer use.


Recent Coding Projects

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A customizable Todolist App following Pomodoro techniques. Additional features include goals, calendar, and productivity reports using React and Firebase.

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Mentor I.U.

A platform for female and minority groups to connect with mentors in Tech. Features including availabilities, meetings, search, and friend requests.

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Board Seat Meet

An app to promote gender diversity within corporate boardrooms with Angular, IOS/Android, Firebase, Google/ Linkedin API, HTML, CSS.

Client Project
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An automated emailer using Microsoft Graph API and excel as database to streamline the client's emailing process. Allows user to edit a single HTML email template and send preview emails.

Client Project
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Kitchen Display System

An interface similar to the Trello’s Kanban board for a kitchen display with Javascript, Angular, Node.js, MySQL, HTML, CSS. (For Client)

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An e-commerce app to shop unique gifts and record users’ special events. Included a shopping cart, full product catalog, reviews, product management and checkout system.

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Finance Forum

A finance forum for millennials to post reviews about popular finance products and create posts base on trending finance topics.

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Project Videos

Checkout My React/Mongo/Express Project Demo

An app to connect young women and minorities with the right mentor.

Checkout My Ecommerce Java Spring Project Demo

An E-commerce app that sells gifts and saves upcoming events to help you prepare gifts for any occasion

Checkout My Copycat (Twitter Clone) MEAN Project Demo

A social media app that allows you to connect with people and post comments

Checkout My Kitchen Display System MEAN Project Demo

An interface similar to the Trello’s Kanban board for a kitchen display.


Recent UX Projects


Lelle Organizer and Wellness Tracker Mobile App

An all-in-one mobile app that tracks your wellness and nutrition products

Lelle is an app for nutrition lovers to manage their inventory, and to keep track of their purchases, products to buy, and also their favorite items. This app also helps users track their wellness including meals, water intake, exercise and sleep as well as their vitamins and supplement consumptions.

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BSM (Board Seat MeetUp) Case Study

A platform connecting board members to aspiring candidates for a seamless networking experience.

Concerned with the gender gap and lack of diversity within the board, I helped our client, Board Seat Meetup (BSM), to solve this issue by designing a social networking app for aspiring women and minorities group who are looking for opportunities to becoming board members of various large companies.

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Chase Mobile App (Student project)

New Feature Integration within the Chase App

Chase, owned by JP Morgan, has one mission to empower customers’ lives by creating engaged, lifelong relationships. They spend many years on providing the most relevant products for their customers, but now they want to exceed their customer’s expectations and not just provide these products, but also provide them with personalized financial management tools within their mobile banking app.

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